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Jose Navas (josenavas)

josenavas Member since 2013 34 posts
Posted: June 20, 2020
Last activity: June 22, 2020

Error when testing Web Chatbot

Hi, I tried to follow up on the steps to have a CS Self-Service application on top of my CS implementation application, and there configure my web chatbot interactions. However, I noticed an error when you try to test the chatbot in the preview console when you enter a command, it throws an empty pop-up with error:

"There has been an issue; please consult your system administrator"

Not the most descriptive of errors... after tracing I noticed it runs the activity: 

pxProcessSimulation (class: Work-Channel-Interaction | ruleset: PegaCS-WebChatbot:08-02-01)

Which has a couple of Java steps that reference a withdrawn When rule, and I think that causes the error.

Before testing chatbot on top of CS Self-Service app, I tried adding a chatbot to a normal Pega Platform app, and I didn't get the error... since it ran a sibling version of the rule above:

pxProcessSimulation (class: Work-Channel-Interaction | ruleset: Pega-ProcessEngine:08-03-01)

In this version of the activity, the java step looks to be good.

After adding a bit of context, my question is:

This error is caused by self-service app Ruleset Stack? do I need to change the stack somehow? is this corrected for Pega CS 8.4?



Pega Customer Service 8.3 Conversational Channels Communications and Media