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Oleksandr Bielienov (OleksandrByelyenov)
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Posted: August 23, 2018
Last activity: August 23, 2018

An error while importing a new package


I have two Pega 7.1 environments: DEV and TEST.
Once, I developed a RuleSet 01-02-02 on DEV and deployed it on TEST.
After this, instead of creating the new RuleSet version I unlocked 01-02-02 RuleSet and added a new Rule there. Then I deployed it on TEST, but I didn't find the new Rule on 01-02-02.

Then I decided to delete this RuleSet 01-02-02 on Test and just install last fresh package. So, I deleted it.

After this I got the newest package of RuleSet 01-02-02 and tried to deploy it on TEST and faced an issue covered in this post:

But I resolved this problem, I just put numbers at the beginning of the name of my package file.

But now there is another issue, the Import Wizard showed the error message:
There is nothing to import -- the rules contained in this archive are already present in the database.

I couldn't find any of my rules on Test which the RuleSet 01-02-02 contains.
Where is also no the RuleSet version on TEST. RULE-RuleSet-Name and RULE-RuleSet-Version rules are in the package.

So, I can't install any new packages on my Test environment.

How to dial with it?

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