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SaiKishore Yagnamurthy (KishoreYagnamurthy)
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Sai kishore Yagnamurthy
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Posted: March 22, 2021
Last activity: March 23, 2021

Errors on pyWorkPage are getting cleared after clicking on submit button

Hi All,

I have implemented some validations on flow action at two different places but nothing seems to work on my ScreenFlow.I'm validating the date and adding a message on the pyworkpage using Page-Set-Messages inside the post-processing activity. It is working for the first time but after that when the user clicks on submit again it is submitting with errors and same thing is happening when I add a validate rule on the flow action. I tried adding the same validation on the property itself using validate rule but even with errors it is getting submitting. How can I stop the process and show an error similar to the first time?  


Note: When I enable the "look for an assignment to perform" option validation works fine but we are seeing an empty modal dialog after submission. which is not required  

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