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Events not triggering within the Citrix enviroment

Dear Pega,

I'm developing several automations inside the citrix enviroment (by using the Citrix Context). Whenever I test my automations I notice that events are never triggered. When I use the WaitForCreate method for the same component, the result is a true (so the component actually is created). 

For further investigation of the problem, I tested the "WaitForEvent", so I could force my execution line to go through the component. When the execution line reaches the WaitForEvent I get the next error:

"The type Openspan.Automation.WaitForEvent in assembly OpenSpan.Automation, Version, Culture=neutral, PublicKey Token= ... is not marked as serializable."

Any idea how I can fix this problem? Developing a solution without any events is not optimal. Thanks in advance.

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