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Excel Format issue when sending as an attachment in Email

Hi, We are facing the excel format issue as mentioned below. could you please help us to resolve this issue.


Excel Format issue when sending as an attachment in Email.
Detailed Description
Requirement: User need to upload the Excel file which has specific column formats (Eg: Date, Number etc..) from UI. once the upload complete Page need to send the same excel as an attachment via email in the same uploaded format to the specified Email id.
Steps to Reproduce
1. Upload an excel file with column format as Date, Number, Text etc.. from UI
2. System is parsing the uploaded excel file using MSOParseExcelFile activity.
3. Call SendEmailWithAttachments activity by passing parameters pyName as ".XLS" and pyData as "parsed data" to send email with Attachment in Excel.
Error Message
User is not able to see the specified column format once he/she received the Email with attachment.

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