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Excel Import Issue on Dates.

I am working on a used case where I am importing over 15000 rows. I am using UsedRange Method to get the rows and columns. In a source Excel Worksheet, I have date column which includes dates in a format (e.g- 12/3/2018) but after I import the Date format changes to integer (e.g-43437). Before I am importing, I am deleting a previous worksheet in a destination workbook and inserting a worksheet with same name to get the accurate rows and column count (In each automation run). Thus, I cannot use preset worksheet before importing. I would like to know:

  1. How can I get the date in a format as it is in the source worksheet (e.g- 12/3/2018) not (e.g-43437) in the destination work sheet too? I am using two different Excel connectors.

  2. I need to do this via robotics. I know I can use “Format Cell” option in Excel to get the date format but this not what I want.

  3. I need to achieve this in just one column, but I have several thousand rows and I don’t want to use loop as it slows down the process to set the cell in each rows.

    Is there any simple way to do this?

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