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Francesco Spadoni (SpaRda)

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Posted: June 22, 2020
Last activity: June 22, 2020

Excel report export column format


I'm working on a project on pega 8.1 and when i export a report to excel i encounter some issues on the column format.

The report class is a from the main work object of the application and the report contains a join with another "index" class; the report also has columns/properties from both classes including a column flagged with "Display values across columns" and another column which is an aggregate (SUM). Those two are from the same "index" class. Also, the SUM column has the number format specified.

When exporting this report to excel, the main issue is that the SUM column's format is text instead of number.

excel format issue screenshot

The funny thing is that when breaking apart the join and making another report with only the "Display values across columns" column and the SUM column (all from a single class), the excel export works (the only data row is in number format). Although this is not a viable solution because when adding any other column, the format is wrong again.

Has anyone encountered a similar problem?



Pega Platform 8.1 Reporting System Architect