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Exclude list of agents without using -DExcludeAgents

Hi members,

I have a list of Pega agents who are started by default and I don't want them to run on any nodes: for that, I have defined the exclusion by using the -DExcludeAgents on all nodes.

Few months after, we have used the setting -DNodeType=BackgroundProcessingNode to only have some agents to run on some specific nodes.

But due to some instability, Pega has confirmed that we cannot use both settings.

So I'm trying to find a way to have both configurations. I will keep setting -DNodeType and remove setting -DExcludeAgents.

That means, I have to go on each Data-Agent-Queue Instance of agents that I want to disable on all nodes and uncheck "Enable this agent": Is there an another way to do the same faster (SQL query?) or have you any idea ? Thanks for your help


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