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Exclude pop ups from the Adapter which has to be grouped in the TabReparentContainer

Dear Pega-community,

We are using the "TabReparentContainer" in a Windows Form to group all the required applications which are launched through Start My Day.

One of those applications is Pega PRPC 7.2, inside this (web) application the user has an option to click on a internal URL, which will launch a pop up to show business related documents. Currently this pop up is also grouped in the TabReparentContainer as an unique tab (please find the document attached). We have Interrogated this pop up to see if we can create an automation with the events & properties available on the TabReparentContainer, but unfortunately we are running out of ideas and we haven't found a solution yet.

The user don't want to group this pop-up as a tab in the TabReparentContainer, because values from the pop up needs to be compared with the Pega 7.2 application. In the current situation the user needs to tab between those 2 tabs to compare values.

Ideal situation:
Include the Pega PRPC 7.2 Adapter using the desgincomponent advanced property and exclude any pop up from this Adapter for grouping in the same TabReparentContainer.

We are using version 8.0.1096.0



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