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Lisa von Zweigbergk (Lisav182)
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Posted: September 4, 2019
Last activity: September 19, 2019

Exercise: Designing a user interface


I have complted the exercise 22 User interface. When I want to verify the work there seems to be at least 2 errors:

1. The label for drop down "My issue is..."
The label is right "How can we help you today". But the Mixin is not set. This means that the label is not red and not with the bigger font. When I check the content for LABELS AND REQUIRED FIELD it seems to be right when comparing with the exercise example.
What could have went wrong here?

2. When I want to verify the map, I don’t have any marker at all. The list is displayed with all the service provider, but none of them are marked in the map.
What is missing here?

Hope you can help me with this. I have went through he exercise several times without founding out what might be the cause for these errors.

Kind regards,


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