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Hubert Chave (HubertC7)
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AMNIS Consulting
Posted: July 11, 2018
Last activity: January 11, 2019

Exercise: Passing data to another case - Express mode in limited access

Good afternoon,

Note : I'm following the course Business Architect Essentials 7.3 but the option is not available in courses.

I have been trying to complete the Passing the data to another case for a while now, the step by step says that I need to be in express mode and use the contextual panel by clicking on the child case step, but I get following message on the contextual panel :

"You have limited access to this feature while in Express mode. Switch to Designer Studio mode for more option"

Is that normal ? Should I just bypass the excercice guidelines and go in designer studio ? Or is there something in particular to do ?

Thanks in advance

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