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Export database from dev and import to higher envs for Pega and its Frameworks

We have Pega Base product, CS framework, HCIF and CSHC framework installed on development environment.

We took a baseline export of the database so that it can be imported into other environments and refer to this export as Gold copy.

The other higher environments are - SYSI, QA,UAT and PROD

SYSI,QA and UAT will be in same database instance and so we have to create unique schema names and owners for each environment.

Since the Gold Copy (from dev) is having references to different schema owner names and schema names - we are trying to come up with a script so that these changes can be incorporated while importing the Gold copy into particular higher environment.

We are getting errors for certain views and procedures as they are referring to the old values from development.

The question is:

- is it safe enough to update the old values from development in the Gold copy with environment specific values?

- Is there any other places in the database that we need to replace/customize for the new envrionment values?

- Is this approach ok to proceed or do we need to run the Pega install utility and start from scratch and add other dependent frameworks as required?


Below is some additional details with regards to Views,procedures.


In order to deploy PEGA software in multiple schemas in a same database, using a finalized “gold” copy, a schema rename was used.

Ex. REMAP_SCHEMA=PEGACIPR:PEGACIAQPIPR So when objected originally owned by PEGACIPR are imported, they are changed to PEGACIAQPIPR.

However, 6 procedures still reference objects as “PEGACIPR”.””, but that owner is now named PEGACIAQPIPR, so the code no longer points to itself.

For the 6 procedures and 4 views, can the owner simply be removed from the code?


from Select pyLastReservedID into tpyLastReservedID from PEGACIPD.pc_data_uniqueid where pzInsKey = tpzInsKey for update;

to Select pyLastReservedID into tpyLastReservedID from pc_data_uniqueid where pzInsKey = tpzInsKey for update;




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