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Maxime Leroux (MaximeL4)
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Sopra Steria Group
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Sopra Steria Group
Posted: June 30, 2020
Last activity: June 30, 2020

Export to Nexus repository "Directory does not exist"

I am trying to export Salto Ruleset on a Nexus 3 Repository.

I think my configuration is ok because I have the message a "connection Sucessful " (picture 3)

Unfortunetly when I try to export to the nexus I have a error "Directory does not exist error."

I enclosed a image of the repository and the folder really exists.

When I trace the activity I had this error [Embed-Repository-File.pyMessageLabel]NexusInvalidHostName 

What I supposed to put in hostname and realm in Authentication Profile (picture6)?


Pega Platform 8.3.1 Case Management Communications and Media Scrum Master