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An export a repeat grid layout data to Excel using pzRDExportWrapper in Pega 7.1.8

Hello. I am trying to export repeat grid data to excel. To do this, I have provided a button which runs "MyCustomActivity" activity via clicking. The button is placed above the grid in the same layout. It also worth pointing out that I am utulizing an article as a guide to configure. According to the guide my "MyCustomActivity" activity contains two steps:

1. Method: Property-Set, Method Parameters: Param.exportmode = "excel"
2. Method: Call pzRDExportWrapper. And I pass current parameters (There is only one from the 1st step).

But after I had got an issue I have changed the 2nd step by Call Rule-Obj-Report-Definition.pzRDExportWrapper…

But as you have already understood the solution doesn't work. I have checked the log files and found interesting error:

2017-04-11 21:08:27,992 [ WebContainer : 4] [OpenPortal] [ ] [ MyFW:01.01.02] (ctionWrapper._baseclass.Action) ERROR as1| bar - Activity 'MyCustomActivity' failed to execute; Failed to find a 'RULE-OBJ-ACTIVITY' with the name 'PZRESOLVECOPYFILTERS' that applies to 'COM-FW-MyFW-Work'. There were 3 rules with this name in the rulebase, but none matched this request. The 3 rules named 'PZRESOLVECOPYFILTERS' defined in the rulebase are:
2017-04-11 21:08:42,807 [ WebContainer : 4] [TABTHREAD1] [ ] [ MyFW:01.01.02] (fileSetup.Code_Security.Action) ERROR as1| bar - External authentication failed:

If someone have any suggestions and share some, I will appreciate it.
Thank you.

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