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ExportToExcel in background incorrect

We have a business requirement to export a report (from portal) to Excel in foreground (normal) mode when the result count is small and in background mode when large. We don't use scheduled reports as the requirement is to export the report on-demand.

We have a report with columns containing Hungarian, Weish, French or other language names. These names appear as it is in the end user portal and also when exported to excel in 'normal (foreground)' mode. 
The same report when exported in background, some of the characters are replaced with html tags or other non-printable characters.

Interestingly, the background export looks good in VM instance (from Pega Academy) but incorrect in a non-VM instance, for the same Pega version (tested in 7.1.9, 7.2)

Steps to Reproduce
Create a report that has result of names as in the attached file ExportToExcel_names.txt 
In the report result set, choose 'Export to Excel' and save this file to desktop. This file should have names matching the original source exactly the same.

Now modify the out of box activity (in private edit mode) 
ID -> pzViewExportToExcel 
RS -> Pega-Reporting:07-10-15 

Comment the step 'Call pzViewExcelData' 
Set Param.fileLocation to a file location on the server 
and set Param.reportRunMode == "background" (or you can disable the WHEN condition on the java step) 

Now, run the 'Export to Excel' on the report result again. Fetch the exported file from the server and open in excel application and note that the names don't match with the original source.

Note that we are private editing the OOTB activity pzViewExportToExcel only to set the Param.reportRunMode internally to reproduce the bug. The activity itself has code to function for background (async) export, we are not adding any new functionality to this activity.

A solution suggested by Pega Support is to edit the java code in the activity to hardcode 'UTF-8'. I am not in favor of this suggestion as encoding should be set at JVM/OS level and hardcoding in an activity java step will break when we get data with different encoding.

Any help in understanding why the OOTB activity pzViewExportToExcel doesn't export right for Param.reportRunMode == "background" but looks correct in "nomal (foreground)" would be highly appreciated.

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