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John Selby (JohnS286)
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Harley-Davidson Financial Services
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Posted: June 30, 2020
Last activity: July 22, 2020

Exposing a Stream Data Set


I'm exploring processing events that originate outside of pega (external systems of record).  It seems the Stream Data set with a data flow that utilizises various decision strategies would be the way for me to accomplish this.  I can create the Stream Data Set and the "integration" section lists REST and WebSocket endpoints.  However, there are a couple of problems:

  1. The endpoint is not accessible.  The IP provided does not seem to exist.  My instance is in the Pega Cloud, so perhaps this endpoint feature is only appropriate for on-prem Pega deployments?
  2. The endpoint is not over TLS, so even if I could access it, it would not be secure and I would not be able to use it.
  3. The Stream data set documentation talks about an "optional" set in creating a Connect REST rule so you can populate it with external data (which is my use case), but that seems backwards.  Shouldn't I need to create a Service REST rule?
  4. Using a Service REST rule seems like the "right" way to expose the service so i could have all the regular Service REST endpoint configurations and features.  If this is the correct path, how would I configure it?



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Pega Customer Decision Hub 8.2 Data Integration