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Posted: September 14, 2017
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Expression trend reporting causes SQL error after drilling down in summary view reports

After the report is initially run, the summary view's clipboard page's (pySumViewContentPage) SQL Query is correct without any issue.. However, upon drilling down, the SQL query of pySumViewContentPage, errors out with an invalid operator in the WHERE clause: ( ( TRND1ATRND1 ) OR ( TRND2ATRND2 ) )

The change that happens to pySumViewContentPage on the clipboard is, after the drill down, there are 2 additional index values in pyPreparedValues property of the pySumViewContentPage- .pySLADeadline (this property is defined in trend reporting expressions, twice). The 2 indexes did not appear during the initial run of the summary view report. Due to this error when the "Back" button is clicked on the drilled down report, the initial summary view report's (selection criteria) data is not retained.

Attached is the 2 trend expressions that are defined.

Using PRPC 6.3 SP1

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