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Posted: April 1, 2019
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Extend a concrete data class to display in a table in a dynamic layout

I have a concrete data class called Data-X with instances

I have a pagelist property called A which is a pagelist of Data-X

I have a section with a dynamic layout and a table with its source as .A

I want to display the instances but I want to also extend .A to include a few more properties that the user will type so I extend class Data-X and create a Data-X-X1 and add properties in X1. And .A is now a pagelist of type Data-X-X1. Why cannot I not reference properties in Data-X anymore in the table in the dynamic layout? I wish to create Data-X-X1 because the properties I add there need to be specialize lets say in their locallist.

I do not know how to accomplish what I need to.

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