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External Class

My application uses two databases possibly on same database server .  One for PegaRULES Database (RULES and DATA Schemas) and other for Case and transactional  or Data tables  ( which is considered as an external database right ?)

Say, if i have a Data class that points to a table in external database with no pzInsKey or pxObjClass defined in the table (it is considered as a external class ??).

Pega Help says,

No inheritance or rule resolution applies to external classes, even if the class name contains a dash character. Each external class has an associated database table instance (Data-Admin-DB-Table class) and so cannot be part of a class group.

Does that mean if i have a class   XYZ-FW-Data-Employee  which points to a table in external database( which do not contain pzInsKey & pxObjclass) It cannot inherit properties from the class  XYZ-FW-Data ?

In the same example if the table has pzInsKey and pxObjClass properties, Can it inherit from the parent class ??

In either of two scenario's above, if the application is deployed as an enterprise application (i.e. on a web sphere and Oracle DB )  should it use  XA JDBC drivers to commit in multiple tables in two databases as a transaction ?

Please clarify..


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