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Posted: January 11, 2021
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Posted: 11 Jan 2021 20:42 EST
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External DB connection with Azure MI Linked SQL Server


We are running Pega 8.4.2 in private cloud. One of the external db we need to connect to is on prem. Our security team doesn't want us to use sql authentication to connect to on prem db so we are doing a POC where Pega would connect to an Azure MI Linked server (via AAD) which in turn would be linked to on-prem sql db. We are able to successfully connect to Azure MI using jdbc url but not sure how to configure database table instance to successfully connect to on prem tables. In SSMS once logged into to azure MI queries can be run directly as 'select * from  onpremserver.onpremdb.schema.table' but not sure how to configure this in Pega in db table instance.

Has anyone done this or provide some input if this is possible.

In the Database instance on Advanced tab at the very end there is 'List other databases that should be reachable by views in this database'. Can this option be levered here and how to do it?



Pega Platform 8.4.2 System Administration