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Extracting Data from an "unknown" Blob

I'm wondering if Pega provides any "utility" (likely Java, but I don't care how) to extract everything from a BLOB, pulled "directly" from the pzpvStream column in the database.

My use case is: the previous application support team (the app is now on PRPC 5.4 SP2) thought it would be good to "archive" the DB table containing all the work objects, but I no longer have a working Pega instance, and even if I could stand up PRPC, with the right version, many of the rules (including class defns, properties, etc,) are not available.
In the interest of full disclosure, I do have a Pega engine, but a newer version and , for some classes, I have the newer version of the code, but the class(es) are now mapped to different tables in the actual Pega schema, and I couldn't map back to the "old" table.

So I have no way of loading the data into Pega itself, but I have the DB table, so I'd like some way to just open the record, pull out all the data and dump it to some other format (text/XML/JSON, I don't care).

It looks like some tried something like this before:…
more than once:…
and learned some things:…

I understand this would be a case for BIX, but I can't create the BIX rules, or stand up a BIX environment

I've found there is now a UDF (…) to read properties, which would be great if I knew what the properties were - I don't have the full class defn with all the [old] properties, I just want to get "*"
But maybe, if I could get the source for those [DB] functions (…)...
However, I don't know if that was available w/ 5.4.

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