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Facebook callback webhooks url syntax

I have check the configurations for Facebook chat bot integration with Pega, but didn't understand the below portion:

"In the Callback URL field, enter the URL for your Pega Platform instance where you defined your new Facebook channel, for example: http://***.****.com/prweb/PRHTTPService/channel/srv/fb"

Would you please help me with the syntax?

  • How the call back URL need to prepare?
  • Do I need to implement a HTTP service separately? Or 'Facebook channel interface' will work?
  • I have created a 'Facebook channel interface' with name 'fb', I put he below URL 'https://pega.***.com/prweb/PRHTTPService/channel/srv/fb', but showing error message 'The URL couldn't be validated. Callback verification failed with the following errors: HTTP Status Code = 500; HTTP Message = Internal Server Error'.
  • How to trace this functionality?

Thank you!



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