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Facing issues in deployment manager

We are facing below issues when we try to implement CICD process through deployment manager.

1. Product file is not published to repository in dev even though there is no error in pipeline UI and logs.(Pipeline is moved to SIT and marked Dev as completed). I have traced pzPublishRAP which does not have any warnings and errors

2. Pipeline is failing in SIT with below error

ERROR Deploy task failed. Reason: The service URL /PRRestService/SystemManagement/v2/RestorePoint does not start with a protocol and hostname

I have ensured below points:

2.1)DSS-RMURL has been created in SIT like below


2.2) operator id(username and pwd) has been created as same as authentication profile credentials in orchestration server.

More information:

Our application uses deployment manager (02.01.03) for CICD process and pega version is 7.3.1. We have install the steps mentioned in below link,

Dev and orchestration server is same in our case and we are using AWS S3 bucket for storing artifacts. Attached log file here

Please advise what could be wrong here.

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