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Sai Ganesh Subramanian (SaiGaneshS)
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Posted: July 15, 2020
Last activity: July 15, 2020

Failed to find instance of type Rule-Obj-FlowAction

We have a repeating grid layout where on clicking a link a flow action with class (say ABC) gets opened as a modal.  In the flow action we have a repeating grid again with class (say DEF) and the rows in the repeating grid can be expanded to display further details and for this purpose another flow action is used of same class DEF. 

User saves the details by clicking Save button which is in the class ABC. Now if the user expands the rows in the above mentioned repeating grid and clicks save button an error is triggered "Failed to find instance of type Rule-Obj-FlowAction". The system tries to look for the rule in class DEF however the rule is available in class ABC.

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