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Posted: September 24, 2019
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Faster to Use Pega or Write a Program?

I am mapping out a plan to implement a solution where a customer wants a PO number from an Excel sheet. The requirements are to look at three columns to get the value you're looking for. Any of the values you are considering can be found in many rows but all three values must exist in one row in order to have a match. In other words, you may have a name that can repeat across multiple rows but you won't have a name, an edition and a version that repeats as that's all on one row.

I have not yet created a RPA solution using Excel. I am sure I can learn it. However, I can also see how doing this could be fast with a custom software program that Pega may run at the right time and find out what row the values exist on from that program. I could make a Java program to do this which Pega runs as part of the larger automation. Before I go down one path or another and based on the requirements I list, can I please get some advice about what would be the smiplest way to search for the values I'm looking for (write a custom program run by Pega or use the Pega RPA tools)?

Thanks for your help and feedback.

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