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Posted: January 23, 2018
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Feasibility assessment of Oracle TDE on Pega 7.2 Application already in live

Technology Consultation Request for Assessing Oracle TDE encryption on Pega Database. Our Client's Enterprise Security Team is assessing all Data at Rest to be encrypted to ensure security of PII & PSN Data. Our Pega based Application holds Data at rest that are classified as PSN/PII and hence the Enterprise Security Team has asked us the feasibility assessment for encrypting entire Database on which Pega is hosted(PEGA_RULES/PEGA_DATA). Since the sensitive Data is both in exposed columns and in Pega BLOB, we have analyzed that Class level encryption of BLOB is not enabled in Pega for our Application. Our Application is in live already and hence its not practical to enable Pega provided BLOB encryption at this moment. Hence, we need the Technical advice from Pega/SME regarding feasibility, assessment and outcome(pros/cons) of entire Oracle TDE encryption on Pega Database.

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