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Posted: February 28, 2021
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Field Level Audit


We are looking at the new field level audit feature that's introduced in recent version of Pega 8 and it seems to be working quite well for scalar single value properties. However, for complex attributes like page list / group, we still see that there is no way to represent to the users, the specific page (e.g a unique identifier) where the change has happened.

So, if I have a pagelist like AccountList and each page within it has Account Number and Address, there is no way to identify (from the FL Audit) the account number for which the address changed.

We see that there is an extension point pySave within FLAudit class which we can specialize to achieve some of this functionality, but its extremely complex because of the underlying page structure for the audit.

Would like to know from the product team if there is an enhancement planned for this or the roadmap regarding FLAudit features. This is a key feature which customers demand and it doesn't help if every application needs to use the extension point to improve audit capabilities (which as per customers is OOTB as communicated by Pega  :) )



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