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File Listener Issue in Migration

Hello All,

We are migrating the application rules + data from one environment (Say enviornment X) to another environment (Say enviornment Y) by Database transfer. After Data base transfer, we are following issues in the application .Can any one please help me on this? Thanks.

1) File Listener Issue :
In File Listener,listener node ID is configured as environment X Node ID instead of Y Node ID. So, file listeners are not displayed in SMA - Listener Management.

Solution : I have manually opened each file listener & correct the Node ID. But, do we have any other option other than this? Also, please clarify the root cause of this.

2) Designer Studio -->System --> Settings --> SystemName
I could see all the nodes which belongs to environment X.I have delete these manually.
Shall I delete this record directly from pr_data_admin table? any issue will arise due to this?

3) Same issue in Agent Node as well. Environment X agent schedulers are displayed in Enviornment Y. Is there any other way(Other than Manual) to delete these nodes ?

Kindly clarify. Thanks in advance.


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