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Posted: July 30, 2020
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File Path problems Parsing Excel file using file listener

I am trying to parse an Excel (.xlsx) file using File Listener.  I have read may posts and pieced together a solution.  

It works to the point where i get the path sent all the way to my modified version of pxParseExcelFile, however the issue is the path I derive from Log-Service-File page does not exist in the context of the Activity.  From many of the posts I've read, it appears most have been able to successfully use the path derived from LogServiceFile.

It doesn't appear i can access the path that contains the file at all.

I wrote a test in the activity to print out the contents of the "/" directory to gain a reference and /sftp directory did not appear.  The directory had contents such as:

issrv isdev istmp isboot isetc ismedia isroot .....

The following are samples of the information I have.

Listener Source Location: file://pegacloudfilestorage:/sftp/CoERM_Incoming/

Sample Derived Path: /sftp/CoERM_Incoming/work_CHPMemberFileListener/CHPMemberO_Len_20073.xlsx

How can I successfully access the files from the activity?




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