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FileWatcher: "The path is not of a legal form."

I'm having difficultly implementing a FileWatcher in a robotic automation. I'm copying a pattern that is working in existing automations.

When the FileWatcher component is executed, this pop-up appears:

The message "the path is not of a legal form" is a .NET error message. The suggested fix for .NET is to ensure that the Path property is set on the FileWatcher object before setting the EnableRaisingEvents property to True. Indeed, if I set EnableRaisingEvents to False, the error does not occur (but it also does not continue in the automation because the Created event is not raised). However, I am unable to change the order of property assignment within the automation because I don't have access to the underlying code.

Below I have attached two automation snippets and two FileWatcher property pages. One automation and property page are the one I'm working on (new), and the other (old) are from a similar automation that does not have the problem. I cannot see why one works and the other does not.

I've tried re-creating the FileWatcher component, changing properties, etc. Nothing has resolved this issue.

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