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Filter criteria for BIX extract from pr_operators table


We have a requirement to extract pr_operators table to external database using BIX extract. The current criteria to extract the records is to check if pxupdatedatetime of operator record is greater than pxextractdatetime.

Issue: We are using a model operator to create operators in LDAP, which is saving all the operator records with same pxupdatedatetime of the model operator. The BIX extract job ran fine for the first time, however from the second run, above mentioned criteria was never matching and none of the new records are extracted.

Please suggest a solution here, so that any newly added or updated record in pr_operators table is properly extracted. We have tried to use existing properties like PXCOMMITDATETIME, PXSAVEDATETIME but none of them are returning right set of results.

The ask here is to only extract the delta between last and current run of BIX.


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