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Md Mujtaba Ur Rahman (MdMujtabaU6284)

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Posted: June 8, 2020
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filter of main report also getting passed to the drill down report



I have a main report having a filter of TrueFalse. When it first loads it loads value for both true and false records as the TrueFasle filter value is either true not false but empty, however when on clicking on any record of the main report , the drill down report launches but it passes the value of not only the values of the row selected but also the filter value of the main report in and condition which now refreshes that TrueFalse filter property as false implicitly even on clicking on the records of the main report. So this breaks the functionality if the record clicked is the one having the true value for the property.


For instance,

there is a column, IsRecent in the main report and also has a filter for the same.

On clicking on the report in the report browser, initially all records having IsRecent as true and false is displayed as the filter above has null value.

In this scenario, On clicking on a record having IsRecent as true, the Drill Down report opens with no value because the where clause is in the below fashion :  

WHERE ( "PC0"."ISRECENT" = true AND ( "PC0"."ISRECENT" = false ) )


here the first condition is passed from the value of the record clicked and the second is because the filter used in the main report is getting refreshed to the false and also getting passed with the values of the record clicked in AND condition.

Please can anybody give a solution to this.




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