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Karol Muciek (KarolM86)

KarolM86 Member since 2016 2 posts
Posted: July 6, 2018
Last activity: July 12, 2018

Flexible and reusable data model in Pega

Hello Pega Community,

We would like to have a very flexible and reusable data model in Pega.

Request - This entity captures requests
RequestType - This entity captures different request types
Attribute - This entity captures attributes that will be used by requests of different request types
AttributeValue - This entity captures values assigned to specific attributes
RequestTypeAttributeValue - This entity captures which attributes with pre-configured values can used for a specific request type
RequestAttributeValue - This entity captures association of attributes with pre-configured values to requests

There will be other entities such as Service or Party and these will reuse the attribute from the Attribute entity.

When a user is populating a request of a specific type, he should be able to see which attributes and values are available for this request. Then a user will then select the required values and submit the request. The attributes with values for a submitted request will be captured in RequestAttributeValue entity.

Do you see any issues with implementing something like this in Pega? To do this at the moment I'm consider using Declare Expressions ( or an approach explained here -

Thanks in advance.

Data Integration
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