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Flow_MissingFlowName Issue and Issue for Repeating Sub Stages

Environment: Production
Pega Version: 7.2.2

The Issues mentioned below do not occur in any other environment (Development, QA, Acceptance) except PRODUCTION.

Issue 1:
On creating a new case, I get the following error, "Flow_MissingFlowName".
This error does not stop the case from navigating to further screens but keeps on appearing on almost all screens of the case.

I have already referred to the article related to this issue on PDN and have made the following changes:

1) Saved as the Case Type to a higher ruleset version.
2) Saved as all the flow rules to a higher ruleset version.
3) Moved the new version to Production.

Even after these changes the error still persists.
Can anyone please suggest me any other option that helps me resolve the issue?

Issue 2:
On creating a case, one of the sub stages does not appear but instead the substage above that in the CaseType appears twice

In pyDefault CaseType the sub-stages are "RegelProcuratieEnUitbetaling" and then "VerstuurBevestigingCUWO" but on the Case it appears as "RegelProcuratieEnUitbetaling" and again "RegelProcuratieEnUitbetaling"

I could not find the reason behind this. Please suggest a possible solution.

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