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On the Fly Operator Creation


I was working in a HR Services application where I was wanting to create operator(for the employee) on the fly after they had been entered by the HR person on the screen. All the employees initially shall have the same org,div,unit as well as the access group. We also need to validate whether the employee already exists or not. I have followed the below approach.

I have created a wrapper activity in our application class to call the OOTB CreateOperator activity from Data-Admin-Operator-ID class and used a data transform to set the parameters for the activity using the values from pyWorkParty(Employee) page. I have referred the above activity in a utility shape in a flow which corresponds to a step in one of the stages in our case design.

For checking whether the operator exists also I have created a wrapper activity to call the OOTB CheckOperatorExists by passing in the parameter and referred the same in a utility shape in another step.

Is this the best approach to follow or are there other ways or best ways to address this requirement.

Please suggest.

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