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Format Date in Drop Down

I am presenting a drop down to users in a Dashboard Widget (note: I get the same behavior presenting a drop down in the case harness, as well).

A report was created based on a Data Type called Flights, as shown in the attachment datatype.png. There is a date only field called FlightDate in the data type.

The drop down source is a report, based on the Flights data type, as shown in the attachment reportSource.png. In the report, the .FlightDate is formatted as MM/dd/yyyy (see attachment reportformat.png), and appears correctly when I run the report.

However, when I select the .FlightDate column from the report as the source of the drop down, it displays the date in a default format, and I cannot figure out how to change it (see attachment results.png). I want it to appear in MM/dd/yyyy format. Anyone have ideas?

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