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Posted: November 18, 2015
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FormFactoriFrame is null with IAC

We're using IAC to embed the PRPC gadget into portal of ourselves, and it used to work very well with PRPC version 6.1 SP2.

Currently, we're getting javascript error which says "$(...).on is not a function" after upgraded to version 7.1.8.

After debug, we found that the reason is "FormFactoriFrame" is not exist, so that the function doesn't work well.

Does anyone have any idea how to fix this issue? Appreciate a lot.

The error locates in pzpega_ui_composer_bar.js, line 344.

            return {

                init: function() {



                    if (CurrentComposerWindow == window) {

                        // Get a handle on the iframes

                        InnerPortalFrame = document.getElementById("FormFactoriFrame");


                  // Add load event to the inner frame

                        $(InnerPortalFrame).on("load", loadPreviewWindow);



                getCurrentComposerWindow: function() {

                    return getCurrentComposerWindow();


                isComposerPreviewFrame: function() {

                    return isComposerPreviewFrame();


                isActive: function() {

                    return isActive();


                loadComposerMode: function(portalName, url) {

                    return loadComposerMode(portalName, url);


              loadPreviewWindow: function() {

                  return loadPreviewWindow();


                toggle: function(portalName) {

                    return toggle(portalName);



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