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Framework + Impl Layers or Impl Layer on Top of Impl Layer?

As opposed to building Framework + Implementation layers, you can build an Application one Impl layer at a time.

After all, the name of an Application implies how it should the used – the same as any class that you develop.

NOTE: What is not obvious is that if you choose to build on top of an “Implementation” App as opposed to a “Framework” App you need to go to the “Documentation” tab of the Application rule to allow the App to be displayed as a possible Built-on Application

Pega supports both ruleset and class resolution dimensions as shown the figure below.

When you choose “Framework” in the New Application Wizard what you have done is force your first Implementation layer App to be “Impl 2” in this figure.

IF, instead, you use Implementation-only strategy, you can:

  1. Create “Impl 1” first thereby preserving the class name plus not affecting existing instances
  2. THEN create “Impl 2” as a new-class/new-ruleset combination for your second Implementation layer Application

NOTE: When using the Implementation-only strategy there is no need to use “FW” in class names – you simply name that layer in a “framework-sounding” way then use it as such.


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