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Shankar Dinesh Bhaniga (Dineshsb1)
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Posted: August 18, 2019
Last activity: January 2, 2020

Function to check if Data Page Exists

Hi All ,

We are on 8.1 . We wanted to see if there is a way to check the existence of a data page on clipboard. Since these are declarative in nature we cannot use findpageexists() and other OOTB functions . We need to check because we have to load a node level declare page which internally calls a web service . This web service is quite heavy takes around 10 (s) and the web service is authenticated via a token which gets generated based on the username / password of the user . We do not have a system user name / password and hence we need to rely upon which user logs into the system first , generate the token and then try to load the data page either via Load Data Page or Queue Method . The challenge here is that we do not want to fire these methods unnecessarily which is where we want to check the existence of that data page .

Appreciate your comments .



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