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Cheri Gaudet (gaudc)
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Cheri Gaudet
Measured Response LLC
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Posted: December 9, 2020
Last activity: December 15, 2020

Function of Contact Policy Lookback Window

I need some clarification to provide guidance to a customer on how to define the "lookback" window for contact policies. By lookback window, I mean the first part of the contact policy that states, "If there are X (outcome)s in the last Y days...", "Y days" is the lookback window.

Can you explain why contact policies are constructed with a lookback window? Why not just a suppression period? In my conversations with customers, they have tended to verbalize suppression rules in terms of a trigger event and a suppression period, without referencing a lookback window.

Here are a couple examples.

  • If a customer is sent an Acquisition action by email, a business may not want to send any more Acquisition messages by email for 7 days, to give the customer a chance to respond. The 7-day suppression period should start when the email is sent, rather than when it is opened (when a response would be captured). Additionally, a lookback period of 7 or 30 days shouldn't be necessary in this case.
  • As another example, a business may want to display a monthly Service message in a self-service portal, and when a customer clicks on it, suppress that action for 30 days in the channel. The 30-day suppression period should start at the time of click. If the suppression logic is run at the time the click is captured, then why is there a need for a lookback period for this use case?

There may be other use cases that I'm not thinking of where a lookback period is needed.

One more question. Where is the lookback window used in the strategy logic? I didn't see it used in the BehavioralLimits strategy or its substrategies (though I could have missed it). I don't think it would be used in the NBA Strategy Framework, since contact policies are precomputed.


Thank you! Cheri

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