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Pritam Karar (PritamK0)

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Posted: December 21, 2020
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Function not getting executed on click of a button which is placed on a section in Pega 8.4.1


There is a JS file which is used in Perform Harness. The JS file has a function which needs to be invoked on click of a button. We are basically selecting an item from a list and on clicking the button it should invoke a JS function which will cancel the selected item. However on selecting the item and clicking the button nothing happens.

Below Steps are tried:

In tracer no errors are seen, In Other Browsers also issue persists, Used the JS file only in Portal Harness(removed the JS file from Perform Harness) but to no avail, Used the JS file only in UserWorkForm HTML Fragment rule(removed the JS file from Perform Harness), Checked the JS file in Perform Harness there is no syntax error and no changes made recently, Refresh Section and Refresh Harness also used in the button, still issue persists.

Used Alert in the function and found that the alert is getting invoked which means function call from button is happening but the other commands are not getting executed.

Below are some code snippets:

var IsRowSelectedRadios= document.getElementById(rowIndex);


The alert(IsRowSelectedRadios) returns null.


Pega Version - 8.4.1

Looking for a quick solution. Requesting to provide quick inputs.



Thank you.



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