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Generate PDF and attach to the case

Hi All,

We have a requirement where we need to capture the values from an external system (via SOAP call) and put them into a PDF document from the clipboard and attach the PDF to the PEGA case. Have a couple of queries-

1. Can we leverage the "PDF for eForm Wizard" in this case? I tried to import the PDF into the wizard and although it generated the eForm rule but it did the map eform rule was not. Is there any pre-requisite for the pdf to be recognizable by the wizard?

2. The other option, I suppose, is developing a custom Corr rule and then call the OOTB HTMLToPDF to convert the HTML into PDF. We don't want to go this route as because the PDF structure is very complex and we will need a LOT of efforts to build the Corr rule. Even maintenance of the Correspondence rule will be very difficult.

Has anyone worked on a similar requirement? Inputs are highly appreciated!



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