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Generated DDLs shows all tables related to Rules Schema as well as Data Schema. Is this correct?


We're upgrading our application from PRPC 6.2 SP2 to 7.2.2. and following Appendix:C Optional Generating and Applying DDL from Command Line. As part of Step 2 a. Created DDL of changes of Rules Schema.

We've edited file to set the rules and data schema names:
One database:
pega.rules.schema=new rules schema name rules schema name

However after running of, Build was successful and DDLs generated into /opt/prpc/pega_software/pega722/schema/generated/oracledate/upgrade directory. While reviewing the statements, found that this script has created all tables related to Rules and Data Schema. Is this correct? Or we need to change Data Schema name? We just followed as per the Pega 7.2.2. Upgrade Guide page no.135.

We need to apply DDLs as per next step, but before that would like to know is it correct to have all tables in new Rules Schema, may be later steps like 3 a would take care of migrating the tables created related to data to new Data schema.

Would appreciate quick response on this. Thanks.

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