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GeoLocation Tracking - when Enabled , Add a Pop Up to the browser.


We are trying to prevent the Fraud Users to be blocked from a specific Location. We are able to get the Location of Users by turning on the GeoLocation Tracking. The problem with that is it turns on the Pop Up - " *** would like to access your location" - Click Allow Location or Dont Allow.

From the Users standpoint experience, this is an additional overhead for them to click and Valid users may not want to see this Pop Up everytime and valid Users may drop out by just closing the browser not knowing what this pop is about / valid panelist may back off from enrolling .... Fraud Users will be smart enough to Click - Dont Allow, there by not letting us know the location.

Is it possible to turn on the allow location automatically when they visit our Site , so that they dont see the pop up message and we dont give a chance for the Fraud Users to click - Dont Allow. ?

Or Is there any other way of knowing the Location details / IP address of the Users so we use that and track the location.

Any Insight will be very helpful.


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