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Get a Parameter in Web-Login Page

 Hi ,

   This is related to a parameter we use to display selected content ( based on User's language ) in web-login.html.

  The URL to access the application (pega URL) will contain a parameter say lang . V ( http:pegaurl/!STANDARD?lang=es_US )

  Based on the value of lang - the web-login.html will display selected content to user. 

  The problem occurs when there is a validation error in the Custom Authentication activity. Say the user credentials do not match . 

  Then the web-login page is shown to user & at this point the web-login page cannot get the value of lang . So it displays the default content. 

   We tried to set a param called lang in the Custom Authentication Activity as an Out Param . But it did not work. 

   We then tried to get and set the value of lang to the query string using a pxThread Property. 

   This way the URL always contains "lang=en_US" . But when we access this property using :tools.getParamValue("lang") it still does not return a value.

    Can you help me with setting the lang variable correctly so that the web-login file can get it ?


     Smitha R

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