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Harshil Patel (HarshilP1431)

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Posted: May 8, 2018
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GetClone interrogation issue


I am trying to clone a particular item - more specifically i am trying to see the children/subelements of a clone. I know this can be tricky; however, i found a post on the pdn community that describes how to do this.

It is noted/outlined in the last post how to use a lookup table how to accomplish this.

Some background on what i am trying to do involves interagate a changing number of page thumbnails. Within the thumbnail lies several control that i am trying to access in order to make rotations to the thumbnail.

I am able to interogate successfully as i am able to capture all of the pages i need. During my interogation i checked the methods available via test methods of both the interogated item within my solution found in the object explorer as well as the matched items. When i did a check of the methods on the item within my object explorer i was NOT able to see/invoke Get_all. When i tested the methods by right clicking on a clone in my targets window i WAS able to see get_all. Get_all has the control buttons i need for each page as such it was my hope to loop listloop through this collection and pick out the button i need/perform a click if needed.

Based on the pdn post i was suppose to create a lookup table with the key being the key to the clone, the key to the parent, and in my case the page number i extracted from the inner text (a record for each page). The next step would be to get the clone via the key i stored and use the Get_All method and listloop through and choose the buttons i need.

However, i am unable to do this. I have created my look up table with the specifications i listed above; however, there are a few issues:

1. i do not know how to access the specific clone associated with the key i have stored in my table?

2. my webControl proxy does not have get_All listed as a method as such i am unable to do get the collection of items?

Am i missing a step?

any help would be greatly appreciated

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