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GetNextWork not picking the right rule from Current application context

We are using the GetNextWork to pull the case from Workbasket or from Worklist based on the Yes/No click on the modal window.

On click we are calling the Pega OOTB "GetNextWork" button action.

When the user click on the button its bringing the right case from the current application. But if there is no case found in the Workbast or Worklist, pega showing the OOTB harness "NoAssignmentsAvailable"

If the user don't close that harness in the screen and try to do the "GetNextWork" again, pega stopped calling the "GetNextWork" from the current application and its calling the pega OOTB "GetNextWork" rule and all the related rules.

It looks after its shows the "NoAssignmentsAvailable" harness, pega loosing the current application context and executing the pega OOTB GetNextWork rules.If I close this harness and try to call "GetNextWork", its working fine.

We noticed that this issue happening only if the user having the access to more than one application. Is there any solution for this issue.


User having the access to multiple application and sharing the same Work Group.
User can switch the applications using the pega OOTB "Switch Application" function.

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