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GetNextWork should pull assignments based on timezone

In our existing application, cases are created via a service call. Service request contains customer information like name, address etc. Customer can be from various North American timezones. Cases could be processed by back office employees who are in EST timezone. Backoffice agent may need to call customer to get more information and They use GetNextWork to retrieve next assignment to work on.
Now if an agent starts work at 9am est, requirement is that he/she should not get an assignment from a customer in West coast yet. Because due to timezone, agent will not be able to call customer till West coast business hours begin (typically 9am -5 pm)

Any suggestions on how can we achieve this. Only locale specific on the case is the province. I guess we could determine customers timezone from province, but then what next?
Ideally, I would like to put some timezone logic in get next work list view to filter the cases.

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