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GetNextWorkObjectActivity change in Parameter "skipCopyToPrimary"


I had a requirement to enable Get Next when the a User finishes a case. So I activated the Get Next Work in the Flow Action in the section "Back-to-back processing configuration". When no cases are available a Message was displayed in the top of the Page, this in Pega 7.2. After an Upgrade to Pega 7.4 this message stopped showing.

After check I realised that the Activity Get Next Work Object has a step that is executed when no cases are available, this calls the SetPageErrors Activity by passing a Parameter called "skipCopyToPrimary" defaulted to false in Pega 7.2, but in Pega 7.4 it is defaulted to true, that's why the message is not showed.

I was wondering why this parameter changed in Pega 7.4. I hope you can help.

Thanks beforehand.

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