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Posted: August 26, 2020
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Getting Agent Status from a DB Query

Use Case: I want to alarm on Agent Run Status based on DB Query.

If you go to:

Designer Studio => System => Operations => Agents => Specific Agent from the list

The Agent Detail Tab will display the following properties:

pyDisplayHarness.pyAgentNodes(1)  Name      Value  pxObjClass      Embed-AgentNodes  pyStatus      Running  pyNodeName      ????  pyLastDateRun      ????  pyTimeToComplete      ????  pyNodeID      ????

For the purposes of Alarming and Operational Support I want to run a query on the DB periodically to check on the status of a few critical agents.

Is it possible?

By digging into the tracer we found this query:

FROM data.pr_index_data_agents da,
     data.pr_sys_statusnodes ssn
WHERE da.pxInsIndexedClass = 'Data-Agent-Queue'
AND   da.pyAgentName = ?
AND   da.pyRuleSet = ?
AND   UPPER(da.pyNodeName) = UPPER(ssn.pySysNodeID)
AND   UPPER(ssn.pySystemName) = ?;

But this query yields only scheduling details, not execution details?

Thanks in advance for the help!

:) -nate


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